Why is My Car Overheating?

An overheating car can be quite a nerve-racking experience. If you’re a driver in D’Iberville, Gulfport, or Hattiesburg, the service team at Pat Peck Kia have put together the following information outlining the major causes of overheating as well as a few helpful tips for what to do in the event that it ever happens to you.

The Oil is Running Low

Service Center D'Iberville, MSMotor oil works to regulate the temperatures inside the engine. Keeping your engine’s oil at the correct level is vital to a healthy performance.


There are a couple different ways coolant can be a factor in your vehicle’s overheating. One is that you could be using the wrong kind. Another is an incorrect ratio of coolant to water. If either is the cause, it will need to be flushed and refilled with the correct adjustments. Check your owner’s manual for exact recommendations.

Issues with the Cooling System

There are a number of ways your cooling system could cause your car to overheat. For one, there could be dirt or other debris from the road that’s clogging the radiator hoses and blocking the coolant. Other possible issues are that the radiator fan is broken or that the cooling system’s head gasket, water pump, or hoses are leaking.

Battery Replacement D'Iberville, MS

Consider Replacing the Battery

If you find that your car tends to overheat pretty often and you’ve been unable to detect the cause, the car battery might be the culprit. If the battery is older, it could be incapable of supplying the vehicle with the right amount of power. This would cause the engine to overheat because it has to work harder.

Actions to Take if Your Car Begins to Overheat While You’re on the Road

If the engine’s temperature gauge falls into the red, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so, turn the car off, and wait for ten minutes before opening the hood. After at least ten minutes have passed, carefully pop the hood to let the remainder of that heat out. When you’re sure it’s all cooled down, check the coolant level and fill it to the fill line if it’s running low.

If you find yourself on the road with an overheating engine and you’re unable to pull over to the shoulder, you can attempt to provide it with some relief by turning the hot air on inside the cabin until you can get to a safe spot.

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Remember Your Car’s Regular Maintenance

If you have any questions about what can cause your car to overheat or what to do when it does, feel free to send an email, gives us a call, or simply pay us a visit.

The best way to avoid overheating during one of your D’Iberville, Gulfport, or Hattiesburg area commutes is to conduct proper maintenance on your car on a regular basis. If it’s time to have your oil changed, coolant checked, or battery tested, contact the experts in the service department here at Pat Peck Kia to schedule an appointment.

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