Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for Driving in the RainIf you live in the D’Iberville, Gulfport, and Hattiesburg areas, you’re no stranger to driving in the rain. However, the weather in the Gulf Coast can vary from a misting to a turbulent rainstorm with powerful winds. Executing safe driving practices during rainy weather is important—not only for your safety, but so you can keep your vehicle protected and in its lasting condition.

At Pat Peck Kia, we’re here to help drivers learn more about ways that they can travel across town in the rain with more security and confidence. Here’s some helpful tips for driving in the rain!

Prior to Your Trip

If the weather is gearing up to be a doozy, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle is in the right condition to embark on a journey through the wet roads and the heavy conditions. Therefore, you’ll want to know the state that your vehicle is in. You’ll want to check:

  • Prior to Your Trip check your windshield wipersYour Brakes: Are they responsive? Are the pads thick enough to endure considerable braking?
  • Your Tires: Is there enough tread on your tires? Are they showing any signs of damage or considerable wear?
  • Your Windshield Wipers: Is there enough rubber on them? Do they make a lot of sound when engaged?
  • Your Headlights: Are they functioning properly? Are they bright enough?

Rainy Driving Tips

You may be a great driver when the weather is beautiful, but when the clouds roll in and the rain starts pouring, it can be a different story. Whether it’s driving on the highway or a neighborhood street, you’ll want to execute caution when embarking on a trip on wet roads.

  • Keep Your Headlights On: During stormy weather, it’s important to have your lights on to not only illuminate the road but to make your presence known to other cars on the road.
  • Rainy Driving Tips Keep Your Headlights OnSlow Down: Since the weather can make the roads slick, you’ll want to reduce your speed—possibly even below the road’s speed limit.
  • Use Your Wipers: Use your windshield wipers during your journey and ensure that the wiper speed is consistent with the rate of the rain fall.
  • Keep a Good Distance: You shouldn’t tailgate during stormy weather, so be sure to keep a safe distance in the event that you need to stop suddenly to avoid a possible collision.
  • Don’t Execute Heavy Braking: When the roads are slick, achieving traction can prove difficult, so you’ll want to brake lightly to slow down. If you need to stop, you should pulsate your brake pedal to consistently reduce the speed while retaining traction.
  • Avoid Hydroplaning: Hydroplaning can make you lose control of your vehicle very quickly, so you’ll want to avoid standing water. If you do hydroplane, you’ll want to let off the gas and guide your vehicle out of the water (if the coast is clear).

Learn More About Safe Driving or Prepare Your Vehicle for the Storms

At Pat Peck Kia, we hope that these tips serve you well with the storms to come. We’d be happy to share more safe driving tips, but you can always schedule service and an inspection to ensure that your vehicle is ready to face the slick roads in the D’Iberville, Gulfport, and Hattiesburg areas.

Schedule service with us at Pat Peck Kia to prepare your vehicle for rainy driving adventures!

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