Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil Change in D'Iberville Motor oil is what keeps the engine’s many moving parts cool and lubricated. If the oil isn’t clean, the engine can’t do its job, which could lead to engine failure.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to get an oil change near D’Iberville, Gulfport, or Hattiesburg. But, how do you know when an oil change is needed?

Below are some signs you need an oil change. Read through our informative guide, and contact us at Pat Peck Kia for service.

Change in Color & Consistency

Clean engine oil should be a honey brown in color. Over time, the oil will begin to pick up dirt and debris. When that happens, the oil will become dark brown or black. Once the oil becomes dark and gritty, it’ll have to get replaced.

Burnt Oil Smell

Oil Changing in Color & Consistency

If the cabin starts to smell like oil, then there’s likely a leak, which means it’s burning from an overheated engine. You’ll want to fix the overheating problem right away, and get the oil changed afterward.

Loud Noises from the Engine

Whenever you start your car, the engine starts circulating oil immediately. However, if the oil is dirty, this may take longer than usual, which would result in a ticking sound while the engine warms up.

If you hear a loud knocking sound, then the oil is bad. If ignored, the rod bearings can wear out. So, if you hear this noise, then there’s likely major engine damage that can’t be fixed with a simple oil change.

Sluggish Acceleration


When the engine is well-lubricated, it’ll help the vehicle run smoothly. However, when the oil gets dirty, it can’t lubricate the engine’s moving parts as well. As a result, acceleration may be sluggish, and the engine can feel down on power.

Warning Light Appears

Oil Dashboard Warning Light

If the oil pressure warning light appears on the dashboard, then you’ll need to get an oil change immediately. That’s because at this point, the level has dropped so low that the engine can’t operate safely.

Getting an Oil Change

If you experience any of these warning signs when driving, then you’ll want to get an oil change right away.

To do so, simply bring your car to our state-of-the-art service center. Here, you’ll find a team of highly trained and certified technicians. They have years of experience performing oil changes on all types of cars. As a result, they can do the work quickly and efficiently. Plus, they’ll only use high-quality oil for the job, to help keep it running well for many years and miles.

And for your convenience, we have lots of service and parts specials on our website. Not only can they include oil and filter changes, but they can also include things like battery checks and brake pad replacements. Be sure to check our site often, as these specials do change from time to time.

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