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Best Sushi near Gulfport, MSIf you’re constantly in search of the best sushi near Gulfport, MS, look no further than Fuji Sushi House and Koi Sushi. These two outstanding restaurants are just waiting to be discovered.

Fuji Sushi House

Fuji Sushi House features a wide variety of Asian Foods to please any experienced foodie’s palate. Fuji Sushi House serves sushi, Pho, noodles, Hibachi, and more. Below is a sampling of what you’ll discover when you stop by for some authentic Asian delights:

  • Biloxi Roll. This local favorite consists of tempura salmon, cream cheese, crawfish, crabstick, and asparagus wrapped in full soy paper. Then, it’s topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
  • Dancing Shrimp Roll. With this sushi pleasure, you get snow crab, cream cheese, and shrimp tempura with boiled shrimp and avocado. Wasabi mayo and Kani sauce are drizzled on top to add just the right amount of kick.
  • Fuji Volcano Roll. First, the tempura shrimp, avocado, and cucumber are baked. Then, the whole thing is finished off with a combination of scallops, crawfish, and crabsticks.
  • Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box. This lunch favorite is served with soup or salad, a vegetable spring roll, a California roll, and fried rice.
  • Salmon Teriyaki. The Salmon Teriyaki comes with soup and salad, a vegetable spring roll, a California roll, and fried rice.

For images of the many artistically crafted dishes of Fuji Sushi House, go to their Facebook page.

Koi Sushi

Sushi Rolls & Maki near Gulfport, MS

A Gulfport, MS, staple for the past seven plus years, Koi Sushi is known all over the area for its fresh, authentic sushi. Its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere alone is enough to make Koi Sushi your next obsession.

Whether you’re looking for a nice place to have a quiet lunch for two, a family dinner, or your next office party, Koi Sushi is an ideal destination. This versatile restaurant features Hibachi, standard dine-in seating, and a bar.

Here are a few of the many crowd-pleasers you’ll find on Koi Sushi’s dynamic menu:

  • Squid Steak. With this appetizer, you’re served an entire grilled squid on a hot plate along with a special buttery teriyaki sauce.
  • Koi’s Flower. Why not enjoy an appetizer from the sushi bar? This one has fresh tuna, salmon, snow crab, and smelt roe all served on crispy wonton skin and smothered with sweet creamy sauce.
  • Koi’s Sushi. This dinner entrée features eight pieces of sushi made up of two salmon, two tuna, two white fish, one yellowtail, and one escolar. A tuna roll is also included.
  • Seafood Combo. A seafood lover’s happy place, the seafood combo contains shrimp and scallop yakitori along with lobster tail grilled over an open flame and drenched in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.
  • Vegetable Tempura. These mixed vegetables are deep-fried in Koi Sushi’s special tempura batter and served with traditional dipping sauces.

If you’re thinking Koi Sushi sounds too good to be true, visit them on Facebook to satisfy your curiosity.

Is It Sushi Time?

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into the delicious food described above, stop by Fuji Sushi House and Koi Sushi for some of the best sushi near Gulfport, MS.

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